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crystalline tungsten powder

Crystalline tungsten powder

crystalline tungsten powder

Appearance: bright grey powder with good fluidity
Application: used for diamond drill and shoot bomb in petroleum exploitation industry;
for high-temperature spray coat in firebox and other spray coat in wear-resistance
and heat-resisting parts;
for spray in tungsten crucibles in middle-frequency furnace.

main content%W>=99.9
Impurity Content% MaxMo0.005
Impurity Content% MaxFe0.020
Impurity Content% MaxAl0.005
Impurity Content% MaxNi0.010
Impurity Content% MaxCa0.005
Impurity Content% MaxO0.030
Impurity Content% MaxCu0.005
Impurity Content% MaxMg0.005
Impurity Content% MaxSi0.005
Particle sizes specsapparent density7.3-8.9g/cc
Particle sizes specsvibrating density9.0-10.5g/cc
Particle sizes specshall flow rate<=12s/50g
Seive size: meshfor diamond drill-60/+325, +60<=5%, -325<=10%
Seive size: meshfor shoot bomb in petroleum exploitation-200/325,+200<=5%, -325<=10%
Seive size: meshfor surface spray-200/+325,+200<=10%, -325<=35%

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