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crystalline tungsten carbide powder

crystalline tungsten carbide powder

Crystalline tungsten carbide powder

Appearance: dark grey powder with good flowability

Application:wear-resistance coating materials, cemented carbide materials, diamond drill and its cover in

petroleum exploitation.

Impurity Content% Max T.C6.10±0.10
Impurity Content% Max F.C0.10
Impurity Content% Max Fe0.30
Impurity Content% Max Ti0.10
Impurity Content% Max Ta0.03
Impurity Content% Max Mo0.10
Impurity Content% Max Nb0.03
Impurity Content% Max Si0.05
Impurity Content% Max O0.20
Impurity Content% Max Wbalance
sieve sive: mesh-60/+325, -60/+230, -200/+400

Crystalline tungsten carbide acts as wear-resistant coat material, its hardness is only less than diamond. At

present, it’s mainly used in the field of improving the wear-resistant performance of aviation and aerospace

engine blade, driving gear, drive part, shaft and cemented carbide. It’s also mainly used in the field of rocket,

thermal spray, jet, nuclear power and etc.


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