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vanadium carbide powder

vanadium carbide powder

vanadium carbide powder

Appearance: Dark grey powder
Application: For cemented carbides, cutting tools and steel industry

impurity content% MAXT.C17.5-18.017.7-18.516.0-16.9
impurity content% MAXF.C<=1.5<=1.25<=0.50
impurity content% MAXO10.50.4
impurity content% MAXN0.30.30.35
impurity content% MAXFe0.10.150.1
impurity content% MAXCa0.050.050.05
impurity content% MAXAl0.020.020.02
impurity content% MAXSi0.150.20.2
impurity content% MAXNa0.010.010.01

VC=62.95, with 19.08%C, dark grey powder, belongs to NaCI cubic type crystalline structure with length of 4.182 angstrom.Density:5.77g/cm3,melting point:2800℃,boiling point:3900℃.VC with high chemical stability and high-temperature performance is used in cemented carbide, cutting tools and steel industry to improve the alloy capability.

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