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tungsten carbide wire rolls
  • tungsten carbide wire rolls
  • wire rod tungsten carbide roll rings
  • tungsten carbide cold rolls

tungsten carbide cold rolls

tungsten carbide cold rolls


  • high dimensional precision, good surface finish and improved strength for cold rolling wire rod
  • made from virgin raw materials, with high hardness and wear resistance
  • the service life of cemented carbide roll rings is 20-50 times longer than that of tool steel
  • non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection, without sand hole, pore, cracks and inclusions
  • a complete range of size for carbide wire rolls, rolls is sintered by HIP-sinter furnace

Tungsten carbide cold rolls are mainly used to produce smooth wire or ribbed wire for wire industry. Our rolls include oval reducing(RO),round reducing(RT),forming(FO)profiling(PR),sizing(CA).Other types are also available as per your requirements. The rolling volume reaches 800-1500 tons one time, which is 20-50times higher than that of ordinary tool steel. It can be used repeatedly by grinding, which greatly reduces the cost and significantly improves the benefit and efficiency.


Grade for tungsten carbide cold rolls

YGH30851513.8-14.283.52520cold rolling of smooth or ribbed steel bar
YG15851513.9-14.286.52220cold rolling of smooth or ribbed steel bar

Size for carbide cold rolls

147 951522014025

Rolling Sequece for smooth wire

Inlet wire rod
Oval reducing rollsRound reducing rollsOval reducing rollsSizing rollsOutlet smooth wire
4.0RO 0RT 0RO 0CA 3.03.0
4.5RO 0RT 0RO 0CA 3.53.5
5.5RO 1RT 1RO 0CA 4.04.0
5.5RO 1RT 1RO 1CA 4.54.5
6.0RO 2RT 2RO 1CA 5.05.0
7.0RO 2RT 2RO 1CA 5.55.5
7.5RO 3RT 3RO 2CA 6.06.0
8.0RO 3RT 3RO 2CA 6.56.5
8.5RO 4RT 4RO 3CA 7.07.0
9.0RO 4RT 4RO 3CA 7.57.5
10.0RO 5RT 5RO 4CA 8.08.0
11.0RO 5RT 5RO 4CA 8.58.5
11.0RO 5RT 5RO 5CA 9.09.0
12.0RO 6RT 6RO 5CA 9.59.5
12.0RO 6RT 6 RO 5CA 10.010.0
13.0RO 6RT 6RO 5CA 10.510.5
14.0RO 7RT 7RO 6CA 11.011.0
14.0RO 7RT 7RO 6CA 11.511.5
15.0RO 7RT 7RO 6CA 12.012.0
wire rodoval reducing rollsround reducing rollsoval reducing rollssizing rollsoutlet smooth wire

Rolling Sequece for ribbed wire

Inlet wire rod
Oval reducing rollsRound reducing rollsForming rollsProfiling rollsOutlet ribbed wire
4.0RO 0RT 0FO 0PR 3.03.0
4.5RO 0RT 0FO 0PR 3.53.5
5.5RO 1RT 1FO 1PR 4.04.0
5.5RO 1RT 1FO 1PR 4.54.5
6.0RO 2RT 2FO 1PR 5.05.0
7.0RO 2RT 2FO 1PR 5.55.5
7.5RO 3RT 3FO 2PR 6.06.0
8.0RO 3RT 3FO 2PR 6.56.5
8.5RO 4RT 4FO 2PR 7.07.0
9.0RO 4RT 4FO 3PR 7.57.5
10.0RO 5RT 5FO 3PR 8.08.0
11.0RO 5RT 5FO 3PR 8.58.5
11.0RO 5RT 5FO 3PR 9.09.0
12.0RO 6RT 6FO 5PR 9.59.5
12.0RO 6RT 6 FO 5PR 10.010.0
13.0RO 6RT 6FO 4PR 10.510.5
14.0RO 7RT 7FO 4PR 11.011.0
14.0RO 7RT 7FO 4PR 11.511.5
15.0RO 7RT 7FO 4PR 12.012.0
wire rodoval reducing rollsround reducing rollsforming rollsprofiling rollsoutlet ribbed wire

How to make tungsten carbide rolls

powder milling → formula according to grade→ wet grinding → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → adding forming agent → redrying → sieving to obtain a mixture → granulating → pressing → forming → Sintering →preforms→rough machining by flat grinding→non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection →finishing machining by flat grinding→internal grinding →external grinding→chamfering→notching machining→laser marking→inspection →packing → Storage


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