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tantalum carbide powder

tantalum carbide powder

tantalum carbide powder

Appearance:snuff colored powder

Application: for cemented carbide, ceramic material, thermal spraying

main content %Ta(Nb)C>99.5>99.5
main content %T.C>6.20>6.20
main content %F.C<0.15<0.15
impurity content % MaxNb0.150.15
impurity content % MaxFe0.080.08
impurity content % MaxSi0.0150.015
impurity content % MaxO0.400.20
impurity content % MaxNa0.0150.015
impurity content % MaxN0.050.05
impurity content % MaxCa0.0150.015

tantalum carbide properties

Tantalum carbide powder, with 6.224% Carbon and 192.96 molecular weight, is snuff-colored powder, hard and heavy, with high chemical stability and good high-temperature performance. The density is 14.5g/cm3, the melting point is 3875℃, the boiling point is 5500℃. TaC is an important metal-ceramic material. Cutting tools made of TaC can be resistant to the high temperature of 3800℃, and its hardness is comparable to the prestigious diamond. As a grain refiner of tungsten-based hard metal, TaC can promote obviously the performance alloy, and its content reaches 0.5-5% in tungsten-carbide-base cemented carbide.

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