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Niobium carbide powder

niobium carbide powder

Niobium carbide powder

Appearance: dark grey powder

Application: the additive of tungsten carbide products, cermet, coating material, and the material of niobium bar, powder

impurity content% maxT.C11.0±0.511.5±0.511.0±0.5
impurity content% maxF.C0.200.200.10
impurity content% maxN0.150.150.15
impurity content% maxO0.800.300.10
impurity content% maxTa0.250.250.25
impurity content% maxTi0.020.020.02
impurity content% maxSi0.010.010.01
impurity content% maxFe0.150.150.40
impurity content% maxCa0.010.010.01
Sieve size(mesh)-60/+325, -100/+200, -200/+325, -325

niobium carbide properties

  • Molecular weight:104.92
  • Carbon content:11.45%
  • Density:7.82g/cm3
  • Melting point:3490℃
  • Boiling point:4300℃

Niobium carbide powder is a brown-gray metallic powder with a purple luster. The powder is also a high melting point and high hardness material with high chemical stability and high-temperature function. It is widely applied to high-temperature refractory material and additive of cemented carbide.

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