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chromium carbide powder

chromium carbide powder

chromium carbide powder

Appearance: Grey powder

Application: It is widely used as a thermal spraying material for metal surface protection, and is also commonly used as a grain refiner of cemented carbide and other wear resistance and corrosion resistance elements.

Impurity content% MaxT.C>12.8>12.8>12.8>12.8
Impurity content% MaxF.C<0.30<0.35<0.35<0.30
Impurity content% MaxO<2.0<0.8<0.35<0.35
Impurity content% MaxN0.
Impurity content% MaxFe0.
Impurity content% MaxCa0.
Impurity content% MaxSi0.
Impurity content% MaxMo0.
Fsss size(um)<1.01.5±0.53.0±1.0--
Sieve size of Cr3C2-C-4(mesh)-60/+325,-100/+200,-200/+325,-325

chromium carbide properties

  • density:6.65-6.68g/cm3
  • melting point:1890℃
  • boiling point:3800℃.
  • molecular weight:80.02

Chromium carbide powder, with 13.34% Carbon, is a grey powder with bias crystalline structure and acid resistance and does not dissolve in water. It is a high-point melting inorganic material with good wear resistance, acid resistance and oxide resistance in high-temperature circumstances and is used in thermal spray material on the metal cover, cemented carbide and other wear-resistance, corrosive-resistance parts. The metal-ceramic in the basis of Cr3C2 has excellent oxide resistance and the surface just becomes a little dark after exposing under 982℃ 5 hours later, but in the same condition,188 stainless steel is heavily destroyed and WC6CO is completed oxidized.

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