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Carbide tile cutting wheel
  • Carbide tile cutting wheel
  • Carbide tile cutting wheel
  • Carbide tile cutting wheel

Carbide tile cutting wheel

Carbide tile glass cutting wheel

Performance features

  • Tile glass cutting wheel is made from premium tungsten carbide materials,
    titanium coated optionally.
  • High hardness, excellent wear resistance, long cutting life.
  • crisp scoring lines, sharp cutting edge, smooth incision, no edge collapse.
  • Simple and convenient operation, environmental protection, no noise and dust.
  • A complete range of sizes for tungsten carbide scoring wheel, sufficient
    production capacity, fast delivery.

tile cutting wheel
Tile cutting wheel with bearing
Tungsten carbide scoring wheel with bearing can run evenly under the pressure of the center of gravity, reduce
friction, and prolong the service life of the product.
Golden and silver color available

Size: 22x6x6mm     22x6x10.5mm


glass cutting glass
Sizes for tile cutting wheel

D22*6*4.722±0.206+0.10-04.7+0- -0.190°-120°
D22*6*222±0.206+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-120°
D22*14*222±0.2014+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-120°
D22*10.5*222±0.2010.5+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-120°
D20*5*320±0.205+0.10-03+0- -0.190°-120°
D18*6*318±0.206+0.10-03+0- -0.190°-120°
D18*6*1.518±0.206+0.10-01.5+0- -0.190°-120°
D16*6*4.916±0.206+0.10-04.9+0- -0.190°-120°
D16*6*316±0.206+0.10-03+0- -0.190°-120°
D16*6*216±0.206+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-120°
D15*6*1.515±0.206+0.10-01.5+0- -0.190°-120°
D13.5*6*1.013.5±0.206+0.10-01.0+0- -0.190°-120°
D12*3*312±0.203+0.10-03+0- -0.190°-120°
D9.9*2*29±0.202+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-120°
Sizes for glass cutting wheel
SizeD (mm)Tol. (mm)d (mm)Tol. (mm)H(mm)Tol. (mm)Angle(a)
D8*2*28±0.202+0.10-02+0- -0.190°-150°
D8*2*1.388±0.202+0.10-01.38+0- -0.190°-150°
D6.5*1.5*1.06.5±0.201.5+0.10-01+0- -0.190°-150°
D6*1.5*1.26±0.201.5+0.10-01.2+0- -0.190°-150°
D5.1*1*1.05.1±0.201.0+0.10-01.0+0- -0.190°-150°
D4.3*1.5*1.24.3±0.201.5+0.10-01.2+0- -0.190°-150°
Unlisted sizes are available according to client’s requirements.

Production technics

Tile glass cutting wheel are mainly made from wolfram carbide and cobalt powder by powder metallurgy methods.
The main production process of carbide tile cutter is powder milling, ball milling, pressing and sintering. For different
uses, the content of WC and Co in tungsten carbide glass cutter is not the same.

Tile glass scoring wheel is replacement blade for manual tile cutter and manual glass cutter, it’s used for straight
line cutting and angle cutting of all kinds of tile, glass, ceramic and porcelain.


Main Process flow

powder milling → formula according to grade→ wet grinding → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → adding forming agent → redrying → sieving to obtain a mixture → granulating → pressing → forming → Sintering →preforms→machining→ inspection →packing → Storage.

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