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cemented carbide pcb lead blade
  • cemented carbide pcb lead blade
  • pcb lead cutting machine blade
  • carbide lead cutting blade 200mm

carbide pcb lead cutting blade

Carbide pcb lead cutting blade

Carbide PCB lead cutting blade is the component of PCB lead cutter machines, used for cutting the pin lines and lead wires of PCB’s electronic components.



  • OD250 x ID70 x T 3.5 (8 inch)
  • OD200 x ID70 x T3.5 (10 inch)


GradeISO Density
YG6AK1014.95180092.5Fine grain alloy, good wear resistance. It is suitable for machining chilled cast iron, nonferrous metal and its alloy. It is also suitable for semi-finishing and finishing hardened steel and alloy steel.
YG8K2014.8220090.5High strength, impact resistance higher than YG6A, but wear resistance and cutting speed comparatively lower.It is suitable for disc cutters in the electronics industry.
YG10XK4014.5240091.5Fine grain alloy, good wear resistance. It's used for processing hard wood, veneer board, PCB, PVC and alloy.
YS2TM1014.5248092Fine grain alloy, It's suitable for machining of refractory alloy, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc.
G2014.3242090.0Conventional wear resistance, high bending strength, it's used for steel alloy etc.

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