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carbide cutter inserts
  • carbide cutter inserts
  • wood turning carbide inserts
  • carbide planer knives

carbide insert cutter

carbide insert cutters

  • made of ultra-fine grain solid tungsten carbide materials, high hardness, good wear-resistant, and long use life
  • sharp cutting edge, high precision, smoother cutting
  • indexable carbide inserts,four-side cutting edge, cost-saving
  • smaller chips, lower noise
  • regular sizes available in stock, quick delivery


Carbide insert cutters are mainly used for helical spiral cutter head for planer and jointer, moulder head, rebate cutterhead, router bits, DIY wood lathe tools and other woodworking applications.
Compared with welded woodworking carbide blades, the cutting edges of carbide reversible knives are machine-clamped, which avoids changes in internal structure caused by welding and reduces cutting performance. It ensures that the original hardness of each blade is above HRA93.5, which greatly increases the tool life.
When one cutting edge is dull or damaged, woodworker just rotates 90 degrees to use another side. A new carbide insert knives could be replaced within a few minutes when all edges are worn out. All operation is simple and convenient, reduce downtime.
The regular sizes are three for woodturning carbide inserts: 14*14*2.0mm, 15*15*2.5mm, and 30*12*1.5mm. Applicable for light-cutting: 14*14*2.0mm, 15*15*2.5mm, for heavy-cutting: 30*12*1.5 mm.



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